"Debra provides excellent academic advising services through the alumni association at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Casey W

Mathematician, Educator, Independent Consultant 

"Debra is an outstanding adviser guiding alumni to find their way to successful professional development. She has great ability to deal with international professionals. I would not hesitate to recommend her; it is an honor for me to do so."

Francisco R.

International Development Consultant

"After graduating, I had no idea where I wanted my career to go so I took time and explored various short term opportunities. During the summer, I decided to find a full-time career in my industry and was not sure what would be the best way to communicate my unconventional path after graduation. I consulted Debra who gave me confidence during the stressful job hunt and provided extremely helpful details and resources that helped me discover what I want in a job and how to network to find it. Debra is a fantastic resource for any alumni and I highly suggest meeting with her to learn how to take full advantage of being a Yellow Jacket.

Cecili R.

Software Developer

"In the summer of 2016, I reached out to Debra in order to improve my resume. She provided valuable insight into how I could improve my personal brand and network through LinkedIn. Additionally, she helped me reorganize my resume and improve the formatting. 

I am proud to say that through her assistance I received several excellent opportunities from various recruiters in the aerospace industry. Within a few months I found the perfect fit for the next step in my career.

Debra's services were invaluable and integral to my career progression. I highly recommend her to fellow GT alumni wishing to take the next step in polishing their professional brand.

Brian W.

Project Engineer

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