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Deb was a great resource during my job transition!  Whether providing tips on tailoring my resume, helping to connect me to key people in her network, or just providing genuine care and encouragement, Deb was right there during my journey.  I was blessed to obtain a director level position with a Fortune 500 company in the midst of the global pandemic and I certainly count Deb’s support as a important part of that success!

Dir. of Talent & Organizational Development, MS in Human Resource Development


Many thanks to Debra for providing AMAZING resources! Her assistance gave many pointers and good advice to prepare for a fourth round, high level interview, which resulted in a great job offer (in spite of the Covid 19 pandemic). Debra’s professional assistance served as a catalyst for my transition from the oil industry to the life sciences industry, by illustrating how to market myself. 

Operations Planning Manager, MBA, MS Applied Psychology, CPIM


Great service and thorough; was able to leverage my network to find a job outside of HD that suited my skill set more. Debra was great and definitely an asset through this job search process. My overall satisfaction with her career services ranks as “Excellent” in all categories.

V.P. of Operations, MBA Professional


Debra’s holistic approach to career development is what sets her apart. She’s not only a certified and well-respected career counselor, she approaches each of her clients with a compassion born of her strong faith. She recently helped me through a career transition and I couldn’t have done it without her. She’s truly a career advocate and someone you want in your corner from entry-level through retirement! 

V.P. of Franchise Development


In the summer of 2016, I reached out to the GTAA in order to improve my resume. Debra provided valuable insight into how I could improve my personal brand and network through LinkedIn. Additionally, she helped me reorganize my resume and improve the formatting.

I am proud to say that through her assistance I received several excellent opportunities from various recruiters in the aerospace industry. Within a few months I found the perfect fit for the next step in my career. Debra's services were invaluable and integral to my career progression. I highly recommend her to fellow GT alumni wishing to take the next step in polishing their professional brand.

PMP, Engineering


Debra provided great resources and career change advice for my transition.  She assisted with a much needed upgrade on my resume and LinkedIn Profile, as well as giving guidance on informational interviewing techniques. She showed  me how to market me… even though I have been in marketing most of my professional life.

MBA, Marketing & Business Development Consultant


After graduating in 2014, I had no idea where I wanted my career to go so I took time and explored various short term opportunities. During the summer, I decided to find a full time career in my industry and was not sure what would be the best way to communicate my unconventional path after graduation. I consulted Debra who gave me confidence during the stressful job hunt and provided extremely helpful details and resources that helped me discover what I want in a job and how to network to find it. Debra is a fantastic resource for any alumni and I highly suggest her services!

Senior Software Engineer


Debra’s experience in Higher Education has exponentially enhanced her career practice knowledge and has shown her an impressive career coaching client profile and a large amount of high-level events to orchestrate. Debra is a very strong career practitioner and has the poise and expertise to serve executive level students, alumni, and business partners very well. I highly recommend Debra Ruddell and believe strongly that her work and leadership are driven by a hard-to-find core set of values.

Executive Director,  Mercer University Career Center


I sincerely appreciate the assessments you provided for me earlier this year. It was through that process that I was able to discover for myself all the types of jobs that are available in the world of data & analytics.

Advanced IT Analytics Intern

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